Exclusive: Slayyyter is Music's Internet Princess

Exclusive: Slayyyter is Music's Internet Princess

Exclusive: Slayyyter is Music's Internet Princess

The rising electro-pop star premieres her newest track "Alone" and chats with V about the year 2007, Lady Gaga, luxe Juicy Couture style, and creating music she loves listening to.

The rising electro-pop star premieres her newest track "Alone" and chats with V about the year 2007, Lady Gaga, luxe Juicy Couture style, and creating music she loves listening to.

Text: AJ Longabaugh

In the scape of streaming music, SoundCloud invented the ebb and flow of providing a place for musicians to throw as little or as much of their work out there in hopes maybe someone, someday would listen to it. Flash forward to 2018, where the platform has now gained the reputation of creating some of the most successful and popular stars today. The newest addition to the roster of ready-to-takeover-the-industry musicians is electro-pop newcomer Slayyyter.

With a Twitter bio that reads "im a bitch!" and 6 infectious singles to her name, the songstress fearlessly embraces her intuition, crafting layered and detailed electronic sounds with nostalgic and spunk-fueled lyrics. Premiering her newest track "Alone" today with V, the rising star chats with us about the year 2007, Lady Gaga, Juicy Couture, and creating music she loves listening to.

Listen to "Alone" and read our exclusive interview with Slayyyter below: 

Where are you from originally and can you tell me a little bit about your growing up?

I am from a little suburb called Kirkwood which is near St. Louis, and I’ve kind of lived here my whole life. I went to a private grade school. Private schools are really big here, like Catholic schools, and by the time I got to high school my family couldn’t afford it anymore so I went to public school, and there is where I really got into singing because I was offered great music classes for the first time.

Did you always dream to be a singer?

I’ve always loved singing and when I was a kid, I always wanted my mom to put me on Disney Channel and stuff [laughs]. I lived in St. Louis so that really wasn’t going to be a thing.

I grew up in Wichita, Kansas, so I kind of know what that lower-Midwest life is like.

Yeah... yeah. There's a lot of emphasis on religion and things like that [laughs].

What types of music would you listen to back in the day?

Disney Channel music [laughs]. Cheetah Girls, Hannah Montana... ALL OF IT. But, I was really into Britney Spears and Hilary Duff – I worshipped Hilary Duff. I had a hot-minute of loving Avril Lavigne and then kind of moved on to more poppy pop. It’s the big pop music that I always really worshipped and admired. Seeing dance routines and performances really sparked something inside me, so much that I would practice what I would see on TV. I would pretend I was Britney Spears and learn her dances and everything.

It wasn’t until I was in middle school when Lady Gaga's The Fame came out which, honestly, changed my whole life and my entire perspective of music. Seeing her, she was so crazy and wild and I remember everyone in my class was like, “Lady Gaga is a freak” but I was, like, enamored and I loved her so much. I am such a fan of Gaga, and so grateful that she really started it for me.

How long have you been out of high school for?

2015, so three years I guess.

Did you have a MySpace?

 I did!

What was your MySpace name?

I think it was something really bizarre, like Purpleninja758 or something super emo and weird. Something super cringey. The whole rawr XD, the whole bit.

So, post high school, where did you find yourself landing, music-wise? 

Well, my mom kind of told me: “Music is probably not going to work out, so please go to college.” She really begged me to go to college even though I was the one who would end up paying for it [laughs]. I’m still paying for it because I dropped out but I went to Mizzou for a year and I was undeclared and I was really lost and to appease her and my sister, I joined my sister’s sorority and my grades were so bad that they only let me in because I was, like, a legacy or whatever [laughs]. I wasn’t really making music, but my when my roommate moved out I was like, “okay, I’m going to start writing songs again." So, with my little laptop which had GarageBand, I would skip class and instead just sit under my bunk and write and record all these weird songs over beats that I would find or that I had made. I pretty much wasted a whole year not going to class and making music in my room. It was a very expensive experiment.

Would you define Slayyyter as a persona or a stage name?

Well, when I was in high school I would draw endlessly. I would make these stickers for business class and there were like, "Slayyyter" stickers, and I think you can still buy them on my Redbubble. I like that name a lot, and when I started making music and recording myself in college, I was like, “that’ll be my artist name” and I made it my name on Twitter.  My ex-boyfriend would call me Slayyyter because he had met me on the internet so that became my nickname. It’s kind of just me. It’s not really an alter-ego or anything. A lot of people just call me Slayyyter.

According to your Instagram, you love the year 2007 and all the pop culture glory it created. Can you talk to me about your connection to that time and how you’re building an image based on that and why 2007/2008?

For me, that time was when I was old enough to understand pop culture. Even though I loved Britney Spears when she first came out, I was like child and I didn’t understand celebrity tabloid culture. But then, around that time of 2007/2008, I was older and reading Perez Hilton, even though I wasn’t supposed to [laughs]. Everyone was obsessed with who was getting DUI’s and stuff like that. I don’t know, it’s just so fascinating to me.

I feel like, me and my friends in high school lived very similar to the ways of lot of those celebrities. So, it’s so funny that it was such a big deal to people.

Can you tell me a little bit about that moment of officially uploading your first song on Soundcloud?

I actually had been uploading music for, like, years before my first "big" song "BFF", but deleted all of that. When I first came across Ayesha who is one of my producers, collaborators, and writers, she sent me the demo for "BFF", I was instantly like, “ok... this is a really good song.” I wrote my part really fast and just uploaded it. I didn’t think it was going to do anything. I kind of did it because I was going through a breakup and I just wanted to have something for myself. It kind of reminded me of the good old days of being younger and being in high school.

What kind of pop music drives you in the current age and makes you feel fun or moody or complex or whatever?

I think there’s two different pop categories. There’s meaningful pop which is music that people listen to when they want to relate to stuff. And then there's my style of pop, which I feel like is the kind of music that I like to make which allows me to get away from shit that I don’t wanna think about. It’s kind of more of an escape type of pop. So many people probably listen to my music and think it’s so stupid, but it serves a purpose and embraces the joy of not having to think to hard about stuff… for like three minutes [laughs].

As far as the genres I like to listen to, I love a good throwback. I feel like modern music is changing so much and everybody’s so worried about "the future of music", but I just kind of wanna make throwback music right now, you know? Revive that old sound. Ayesha so flawlessly produces that style of music. That old Britney and Neptunes-y type beats.

Now that you’ve dropped a number of singles, are you working on a larger body of work? An album or an EP?

 Yeah! I’m working on a mixtape right now that’s self titled. I wanted to get it out in November, but I want it to be perfect so I might delay it just a little bit. I love PC music, but that’s not what I’m trying to make. I want to create more songs like my track, “Candy”. I want to make a full mixtape of songs like that.

Are there any collaborators that you dream to work with someday?

I get this question a lot, and I feel like… I just wanna work with Ayesha. Everyone’s like, “Who would you wanna collab with?” and I don’t even know who I wanna collab with just because I love making music with the people that I'm making it with now. I feel like the dream would be to do a full album that’s executive produced by her and co-written with her. That’d be a dream come true. I feel like I’m not big enough for anyone else [laughs].

How did you meet Ayesha?

Someone DM’ed me on Twitter and told me, “You look like a blonde Ayesha Erotica”, and I was like, “Who’s that?”, and then they said, “Oh, listen to her, she’s amazing.” I looked her up on Soundcloud and was absolutely blown away by her high-quality of sound and I was like, “This is so mysterious. She doesn’t have that many followers. It’s so weird. Who is she?” I became obsessed and then I finally asked her if she wanted to do a song which ended up being "BFF".

How would you describe your style? What are some labels or brands that you love?

My style is what I wished I could have dressed like when I was younger; when I had braces and was really sad [laughs].

I love Juicy Couture, and, when I was younger, I could never it or like Louis Vuitton or any of the clothes and accessories I was always obsessed with it. I remember I had one shirt and a charm bracelet from Juicy Couture that I got for Christmas and I felt like the coolest girl. So, now, all that stuff is a little more in my reach because Juicy Couture is so cheap [laughs].

What was your first designer purse?

This little knock-off Louis Vuitton backpack... but its fake. I got it in New York on the street. I have yet to buy a nice bag. Maybe one day. If I could get one of those old multi-colored Louis Vuitton purses, you know, like the white ones with the multi-colored print? That would be my dream bag.

Are you currently living by any certain mantra?

Not really. I’m just trying to keep it going and really working on my music. I don’t know… it’s all so weird. I never did any of this for people to listen. When I had 100 followers I felt like a total celebrity. I’m just going to keep moving and create music that I really like listening to.






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