Having made its debut in Florence, Italy, Cartier’s Le Voyage Recommencé High Jewelry collection explores the idea of a journey, both of one’s self and of the house’s storied history. Merging the world’s fashion, art, and storytelling, one of the faces of the newly unveiled collection draws similarities with his own journey to the big screen.

Helping introduce the collection to the world back in late May, French-Congolese actor Stéphane Bak is on his own voyage, chartering the world of acting and the notions of storytelling it embodies. Most recognized for his roles in Christopher Barratier’s Team Spirit, as well as Wes Anderson’s, The French Dispatch and Asteroid City, Bak is one star on the rise that is helping blend the worlds of cinema and fashion even further.

VMAN caught up with Bak to chat about all things Cartier, upcoming projects, and the journey of self-discovery.

VMAN: With the newly debuted “Le Voyage” high jewelry collection, what does this partnership mean for you? How did you feel when you were presented by Cartier with this opportunity to help introduce the collection to the world? 

Stéphane Bak: I felt nothing but gratitude. I am extremely honored to have been approached by my favorite house, I’ve been a fan of Cartier for ages, and having the opportunity to partner on this has been an absolute privilege. 

V: Being that the “Le Voyage” collection is all about revisiting the maison’s storied history—taking us for a dazzling journey throughout their evolution shown in the pieces—would you consider this a theme that holds meaning to you considering your own journey as a rising actor in the industry? Where do you think there is similarities between the two? 

SB: For sure, it’s a theme that I found profound resonance with my career. It has been nothing short of a whole lot of voyages—both spiritual and physical. From leaving quietly at age 13 my parent’s house to go pursue my dream on the Parisian scene and a little later on [film] sets all across the globe. Having to perform in North America, and Europe, and shoot movies in North Africa, Spain, and South Africa, it wouldn’t be the same history without traveling. 

V: With your latest work in being part of Wes Anderson’s newest movie Asteroid City, what was the experience like working with such an eclectically renowned cast of Hollywood icons? How did it feel to work with Wes Anderson again after being part of The French Dispatch

Courtesy of Cartier

SB: It’s always a thrill when Wes [Anderson] calls. I’ve been very fortunate to be part of his latest movies and to learn from one of my favorite directors and all times and such great talents. I’m always so impressed by the dedication of him and his crew. 

V: As you begin to grow more and more in Hollywood, and take on a more personal “voyage” with your career, what are your aspirations going forwards when it comes to acting and even fashion? Is there any route yet unexplored that you would like to tap into?” 

SB: I just work and pray to be able to keep chasing any sort of dreams and thoughts that ever cross my head. As far as any route that I would love to explore, I kind of love the idea to work on a musical, learn one of several instruments. Let’s see how can i make it happen!

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