Exclusive: YSL Beauty Crowns Lila Moss As New US Ambassador

Exclusive: YSL Beauty Crowns Lila Moss As New US Ambassador

Exclusive: YSL Beauty Crowns Lila Moss As New US Ambassador

As the beauty brand evolves its offerings, the model muse is signaling the next wave of beauty connoisseurs

As the beauty brand evolves its offerings, the model muse is signaling the next wave of beauty connoisseurs

Text: Kevin Ponce

The beauty game has just introduced its latest muse: Lila Moss! Announced today, the top model and rising industry star is YSL Beauty’s newest US ambassador, capturing a new generation of beauty lovers who are unafraid of self-expression. Expected to be featured in major campaigns, Moss will be helping celebrate and spotlight the beauty brand’s star offerings such as All Hours Foundation, Rouge Volupté Shine Lipstick, Lash Clash Mascara, and Rouge Volupté Candy Glaze Lip Gloss. 

“We are thrilled for our partnership with Lila and proud to celebrate her bold and confident character,” states the General Manager of YSL Beauty USA, Laetitia Raoust. “She captures the power of self-expression and authenticity, and how that can manifest through makeup. She represents her generation’s beauty and for that, we couldn’t be happier to welcome her to the brand.” “I’m so excited to be working with YSL Beauty,” says Moss in a statement. “Being authentic and staying true to myself is really important to me and I’m so pleased to help spread YSL Beauty’s message of empowerment and self-expression through makeup.”

To celebrate the debut of the newest ambassadorship for YSL Beauty, V's Digital & Beauty Editor Kevin Ponce caught up with Moss to chat about all things beauty and self-expression.

V Magazine: What was your reaction when YSL Beauty asked you to be their US ambassador?

Lila Moss: I was so excited! I’ve always been so interested in the beauty space but finding a brand whose products and values matched up to mine was super important – and this felt so organic from the start. Products like Touche Éclat are iconic and have been in my makeup bag for years so I’m thrilled to work with YSL Beauty.

V: How does makeup come into play with your day-to-day looks? Are you switching up your beauty look to match your style?

LM: Yes! I think self-expression is so important, so I switch up my makeup based on my mood. Recently I have been loving Lash Clash Brown – a new brown mascara for a simple but subtle way to add to my look.

V: Within the range of offerings that YSL Beauty has, which has to be one of your favorite products to use and play around with?

LM: Ahh it’s so hard to pick favourites...I guess I would have to say Candy Glaze! It’s my favorite lip balm feeling, with the shine of a gloss. The shades are buildable so some days I go with shade 2 which is a pretty, soft pink but other shade offerings allow me to play it up a little bolder.

Lila Moss | Courtesy of YSL Beauty

V: Having been a model for quite a bit of seasons now (and even having one of your first solos covers with V!), what are some of the techniques that the industry’s makeup greats have shown you while on set?

LM: It’s such an honour to work with so many amazing creatives and see their process. The best thing I’ve learned is when applying makeup, whether it be foundation, concealer or lipstick, is that sometimes the best tool for blending is your fingers, the finish it gives is like no brush!

V: Aside from editorials and campaign beauty creations, what are some looks that you are attracted to the most? (full glam, natural looks, club kid inspired, etc.)

LM: I love a fresh, clean base and seeing people play with pops of colour on their eyes or lips. Another favourite is the ‘no makeup makeup’ which fits my aesthetic and feels more natural. I think the key to this is working on your base with contour and highlight.

V: Do you have early fond memories of makeup and how beauty overall made you feel over the years?

LM: I remember the first time I found an eyelash curler and was like “what is this?” My mum used it on me, and it’s been an essential part of my makeup routine ever since. I curl my eyelashes even when I’m not wearing any makeup, it makes me feel awake and I look more presentable even without any makeup on.

Credits: All Imagery Courtesy of YSL Beauty


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