What to Expect From the RuPaul TV Series

What to Expect From the RuPaul TV Series

The show will follow Ru through 1980s New York.

The show will follow Ru through 1980s New York.

Text: Thomas Freeman

LGBTQ stories are increasingly dominating TV screens. The glittered trails blazed by RuPaul, drag queen superstar, will be the subject of a new dramedy series.

The still-untitled yet sure-to-be fierce series will follow Ru during his ascension in the New York City drag scene of the 1980s, long before becoming a reality television fixture.

The show appears to be something of a companion piece of Pose, the forthcoming Ryan Murphy series set in the New York ballroom world of '80s. Although both a being created by different teams, we can only hope for some sort of epic, diva-packed crossover episode.

Still, the tragedies of the era are sure to be put on the spotlight. While the '80s calls to mind big hair, loud costumes and the jubilee of the ballroom, it also implies the devastation of HIV/AIDS crises and the cold indifference of the Reagan administration.

Remarkably, the series has the backing to match its Ryan Murphy-run counterpart. J.J. Abrams will cast aside his lightsaber to co-produce alongside RuPaul, culminating in the most unlikely yet potentially fiercest producing partnership of all time (Slay, J.J.!).

The series is reportedly now being shopped around Hollywood.

NEW YORK - NOVEMBER 1992: L-R: Graffiti artist Fab Five Freddy (born Fred Brathwaite), drag queen RuPaul and Tommy Boy Records executive Monica Lynch pose for a group portrait in November 1992 in Times Square in New York City, New York. (Photo by Catherine McGann/Getty Images).


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