Explore Gucci Garden’s Virtual Tour

Gucci offers a virtual tour of its Italian Gucci Garden.

Listen to the sound of small birds chirping. Take a peek at two floors of fine art. Shop exclusive Gucci pieces, previously only available on site in Italy.

Due to the restrictions placed on travel and in-person activities during the COVID-19 pandemic, Gucci has created a virtual tour of its Gucci Garden, located in Florence. The site, created in 2018 by Alessandro Michele, creative director, puts a twist on the traditional museum experience. It blends commerce and art, fashion and history, past and present.

Courtesy of Gucci

On the ground floor, viewers can browse the bookstore and boutique. Clicking on each item reveals its details and a way to contact Gucci for purchase. On the first and second floor, viewers will hear the sound of chirping birds flood through their speakers as they peruse exhibits of fine art and historical Gucci pieces.

Virtual viewing does of course have some limitations. Digital visitors will not be able to take advantage of the Michelin-star restaurant on the ground floor of Gucci Garden. Nor will they be able to touch or smell the magic of Italy for themselves. Despite these small hang-ups, Gucci has invited fans into their garden during a time otherwise marred by distance. Those looking to bring the outside world back into their home can find a reprieve here.

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