Eyes On Euphoria

Acting powerhouse (and photographer!) Jacob Elordi offers V an exclusive look at the making of today’s most talked-about series

For you all,

This is a series of photos, randomly compiled that I shot over the course of shooting our show Euphoria. I shot a mixture of film and digital with a range of cameras. Spread throughout are pages from a journal that I kept as Nate, it shows a little of my process and thoughts towards the character and the world he lives in. This show and these people consumed my life and became everything to me. I will treasure all of this forever. It is my hope that you can live a little of what I lived and maybe take some of it with you.

Be kind,

My love always,


Jacob Elordi
Aka Nate Jacobs

Read the interview with Jacob Elordi by Christian Coppola and see Jacob Elordi’s photo diary below:

Jacob Elordi Good day, sir!

Christian Coppola Can you hear me?

JE Hey, I accidentally hit mute.

CC Your protruding cheekbones are getting in the way…So, how did this zine come to be?

JE [Laughs] I love my camera, and had it on set throughout the making of Euphoria, Season 1. I wanted to keep that experience with me forever.

CC We both carry a camera with us wherever we go. What was it that made you pick one up in the first place?

JE I liked the idea of documenting a journey to a new place, so when I moved to [L.A.], I brought along my camera. I’d also seen Heath Ledger’s photos from when he was starting out.

CC I think photographers should [be able to] adapt [to their circumstances]. Was that part of your approach here?

JE I didn’t really have [an approach]. I was quite nervous coming into Euphoria, and wasn’t keen on having my camera out, [until] we all spent a night at The Standard hotel. [At] the pool area, someone said, “Oh, is that a camera?” I eased into the process from there.

CC The photos are lovely, and a contrast [to Nate’s presence] on Euphoria…A lot

of people hate his guts! What’s it like to meet fans who only know you as Nate?

JE Your sense of other people becomes heightened, which can be [uncomfort- able]. They might talk or be around you, but in the back of their minds, you can tell they think you’re this enormous ass- hole or maybe that you choke girls. Or it can work in your favor. Because [unlike Nate], I don’t love confrontation…

CC The idea of people conflating [the actor and the art] reminds me…I’d only known you to be this gentle giant, until… Do you know where I’m going with this? JE Yes…My high point in life!

CC The Halloween party! It was like [real- life] Euphoria fan-fiction. Someone was being homophobic to [another guest], which you noticed, and instantly called out from across the room. The look of terror in this person’s eyes…They clearly [recognized] you, because…The cherry on top: They were dressed up as Nate. And here you were, defending someone who was being persecuted.

JE It was a literal mirror image of art imitating life…but I also just didn’t like what I was seeing.
CC A good memory for the grandchildren, no doubt.


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