F.R.S For Restless Sleepers Edition XIV Is Not Your Typical Sleepwear

Warm hues and luxurious materials bring sleepwear into the daytime.

F.R.S. For Restless Sleepers has released its vibrant Resort 2022 collection. F.R.S’s founder, Francesca Ruffini Stoppani, combines her creative vision with that of designer Umit Benan. Together, they have created an elegant and inclusive line of luxurious sleepwear.

F.R.S takes pyjamas into a new realm. Forcing people to reimagine how they think of sleepwear, Ruffini Stoppani’s sophisticated, comfortable and relaxed designs are a dream. The center of the designer’s investigation – her reinterpretation of the classic men’s pyjamas – is the vessel through which her and Benan tell their vision. Their use of material and chromatic culture made in Como, Italy, bring the pyjama out of the private realm and into the evening – and even the day.

Image courtesy fo F.R.S.

Interpreting pieces through an androgynous lens, this collection was created with diversity, eccentricity, and pleasure of play and sharing in mind. 

Silk twill and cotton, with a sumptuous yet fresh feel, are dyed using single, warm hues, purposely creating a dégradé, purposely ‘badly tinted’, or brushstroke effect. The monochrome range of light blues, yellows, reds and greens give this collection a suffused intensity and demonstrate an artistic view of color. Eye-catching and vibrant, yet sophisticated and elegant. 

Image courtesy of F.R.S.

Its main pieces include: two interchangeable models of jacket and trousers, a shortened shirt and a long kaftan with assorted trousers and a reversible robe. Expressive of a desire for synthesis, all of these articles have multiple uses and iterations. This furthers Ruffini Stoppani’s vision of loungewear for all times of day.

The collection also includes quilted duvets, cushions and sheets in the same hues as the clothing.

Image courtesy of F.R.S.

This collection’s welcoming and hospitable character is worn not only by a nuclear family in the comfort of their home, but by a festive tribe of friends and family. Again, bringing the privacy of sleepwear into the open.

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