Fabergé Celebrates 180 Years With Beautiful Rose Gold Capsule Collection

Celebrating history with extravagance

For 180 years Fabergé has been wowing the world with its fantastic creations. Starting in 1942 when Gustav Fabergé opened his basement jewelry boutique in St. Petersburg, the house aimed to provide the world with exquisite pieces of jewelry. When Peter Carl Fabregé took over his father’s shop, he began shaping the company into the international phenomenon it is today. With his brother Agathon, Fabregé captured the interest of royals, aristocrats, and fashionable clients across the world. Using gemstones and colorful enamel, Fabregé created ingenious objet d’arts, flower studies, small gifts, and jewelry. Now, these pieces are admired across the world and displayed proudly in museums and private collections.

In honor of their incredible craftsmanship and 180th anniversary, Fabergé presents an exclusive capsule collection. The Colors of Love Rose Gold Diamond & Ruby Fluted ‘180’ Egg Pendant and 180 Limited-Edition Rose Gold & Ruby Mini Fluted ‘180’ Egg Objet make up the collection. Both pieces are made from 18k rose gold and proudly display Gemfields Mozambican rubies. The inspiration for the collection comes from the ‘fluted’ gold creations in the house’s archive. Fabregé was renowned for this technique, and it is featured heavily in his early works. Most of the house’s pieces from pre-1917 feature the gold fluting decoration and serve as a trademark of Fabregé’s masterpiece. Modern works, such as the Colors of Love fluted rings, feature the design as well.

What makes the design of the Limited-Edition Rose Gold & Ruby Mini Fluted ‘180’ Egg Objet even more spectacular is its size. The egg has a height of 62mm and a diameter of 35mm, allowing it to fit in the palm of your hand. The fluting creates curved surfaces and mixed levels that contrast light and shadow. This detail allows the beauty of the rose gold to shine. The fluting resembles a radial pattern, invoking feelings of energy and joy. Nestled in the middle of the egg are cabochon rubies. These rubies have a deep red color that provides a perfect contrast to the brightness of the rose gold. Fabergé chose these stones because they represent passion, prosperity, and protection, all themes that tie into the heritage of the brand. Fabergé gathered all of the rubies from the Gemfields’ Montepuez ruby mine in Mozambique.

Liisa Tallgren, Fabergé’s Head Designer, took the overall design of the egg into careful consideration. One aspect she wanted the egg to highlight was reflectivity. Gold is a highly reflective material, and Tallgren wanted the egg to reflect the colors of the environment around it. To achieve this, Tallgren gave the egg a highly polished smoothed surface, giving the egg a mirror-like quality. The low points of the egg reflect the gold material itself, giving the piece a beautiful glow.

“I’m very proud and grateful to have the chance to continue the legacy started by Gustav Fabergé 180 years ago, and continued by his son Peter Carl Fabergé. Peter Carl’s works of art still fascinate today, and our exciting challenge is to create pieces that have that charm and romance, but with a modern edge. Peter Carl Fabergé and his goldsmiths knew how to bring out the natural beauty of the materials they were using. The textured metal with chasing, engraving, beading, and fluting, which he and his workmasters so skillfully used to enchant everything from picture frames to egg objets,” said Tallgren.

For the Colors of Love Rose Gold Diamond & Ruby ‘180’ Fluted Egg Pendant, a different type of fluting is used. Uniform vertical fluting surrounds the egg’s circumference, creating a tactile surface. A Gemfields Mozambican ruby sits on the base of the egg, providing a pop of color when worn. White diamonds sit on the bail for added sparkle and a touch of elegance.

The Fabergé Colors of Love Rose Gold & Ruby Mini Fluted ‘180’ Limited-Edition Egg Objet and Colors of Love Rose Gold Diamond & Ruby Fluted ‘180’ Egg Pendant are available for purchase at select Fabergé boutiques and on the brand’s website. The egg objet retails for $69,000, and the egg pendant retails for $8,000.


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