Face Masks That Add To Your Wardrobe

Stay safe and trendy!

In many countries, rocking a face mask is a cultural norm, and rightfully so. Given all that is going on in the world right now, it’s safe to say that even when things go back to normal, things will never be the same. Will face masks become a part of our everyday look, even after all of this dies down?

The CDC has recommended that everyone wears one when going out in public, and businesses and public spaces are even refusing service or admittance without one. While it’s clear that masks have become a staple in our current wardrobes, it’s not unlikely they will follow us beyond COVID-19.

If we have to wear these masks, even if just for now, why not invest in one that will make us look and feel our best. Here are just a few of some creative masks being made to help you best express yourself.

Collina Strada’s “Fashion Face Mask With Bows” available for $100 here.

Melitta Baumeister limited edition face mask available for $70 here.

The “Birdie Reversible Mask” for $19.95 here. This one is “buy one give one”!

The “3 Ply French Lace Mask” from Maison Modulare for $65 here, among many others.

Citizen’s of Humanity cotton mask five-pack for $25 here.

Classic Sofa “Bespoke Masks” available for $20 here.

Christine Shirley handmade face masks for $10 here.

Phlemuns “Cloud Mask” for $29 here.

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