Facebook and Twitter are Combating Election Misinformation

There will be stricter warning “disputed” labels slapped onto misleading posts on the platforms.

On Monday, Twitter and Facebook announced their plans to clamp down on misinformation and premature declarations of victory surrounding the 2020 US Presidential Elections. The social media platforms will flag any posts that they deem inappropriate with warnings and “disputed” labels.

This comes after the flak they received in 2016 for not censoring posts that helped spread misinformation and create a virtual pandemonium. The step represents a greater focus on the authorization of proper election-related information, considering this particularly long and unusual election season can breed a lot of information that may not be properly verified.

Twitter has already started implementing this with a few of President Trump’s recent tweets, including one about Democrats trying to “steal” the election and surprise ballot dumps. They’ve been censored with the label, “Some or all of the content shared in this Tweet is disputed and might be misleading about an election or other civic process.” Facebook is also implementing similar measures, supplementing censored posts with links to election information sites.

This began on Election Day, November 3, and will go on till Inauguration Day in January 2020. Along with accounts affiliated with candidates, the labels are also liable to be attached to accounts with more than 100k followers and tweets with significant engagement (25k+ likes or quotes/retweets). According to Twitter, their “official sources” will only include state election officials and national news outlets.

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