Facebook Planning to Change Name for Rebrand

The name that has become so well known may soon be different.

Facebook, the social networking service company that started in 2004, could be called something else in the near future. The Verge reported that a source with direct knowledge of the matter relayed the potential name change of the company. 


Reportedly, this rebranding is intended to reflect Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s intention to build a metaverse – a perceived virtual universe. Zuckerberg spoke earlier this year about transitioning the company from being primarily known as social media to becoming a metaverse of connected social apps.


The new structure of Facebook would parallel that of Google and its parent company Alphabet. In 2015, Google became a subsidiary of Alphabet. This parent company endowed Google with the capacity to become a technology conglomerate rather than remaining as a search engine.


The announcement that Facebook’s name could be changing led to a variety of tweets about the topic from the public. 






A Facebook spokesperson has not yet commented on the potential name change. It is anticipated that Zuckerberg will discuss this topic at the company’s annual Connect conference on October 28th.

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