Faces of TikTok: Everett Williams and Nicholas Scarpinato

Content creating couple goals.

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Everett Williams has amassed some 130k followers on TikTok, encapsulating viewers amidst a range of sartorial aesthetics, fresh acai recipes, and glimpses of creative life in LA. The former lifestyle-blogger has written and discussed topics ranging from queer representation to travel tips (meticulously documented in an enviable Instagram). His best work, as fans attest, comes with his longterm boyfriend Nicholas Scarpinato—an LA-based photographer and mixed medium artist. Scarpinato’s photos foster a sense of nostalgia for a surrealist past world, one free from social distancing, replete with many of the same stylistic endeavors as Williams. Even in an ongoing quarantine, their content continuously provides an artistic escape or a way to spend a few hours scrolling through social media.

From TikTok to the streets of L.A. the two embody must-follow chemistry. Here, the couple enacts the exchange of real and content creation, with looks by Armani Exchange.


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