Fai Khadra partners with Oliver Peoples

Model Fai Khadra has partnered with Oliver Peoples on an exclusive sunglasses line.

Model and influencer Fai Khadra is partnering with luxury eyewear brand Oliver Peoples on an exclusive collection of sunglasses. The glasses, which come in five different colorways, are based off of a vintage glasses frame sourced by Khadra himself. The collection marks Oliver Peoples foray into the Gen Z-led retro skinny sunglasses trend. Keeping up with the Oliver Peoples brand, the sunglasses are minimalistic, blending luxury with trendy.  

Fai Khadra for Oliver Peoples.

Khadra worked with the Oliver Peoples design team to add his own mark to the glasses, embedding a custom corewire into the frames based on the intertwined pattern of barbed wire. The barbed wire branding continues to the packaging, where the design is featured on both the bag and glasses cloth.  

He also worked as the creative director of the campaign, which was shot on black and white film by Hugo Comte. The campaign serves as an homage to legendary photographer Robert Longo, whose work highlights figures in motion. Khadra models the glasses alongside model Jordan Daniels in the campaign.  

Fai Khadra Oliver Peoples Sunglasses.
Fai Khadra Oliver Peoples Sunglasses.

Prices on the Fai Khadra Oliver Peoples sunglasses range from $491 to $551. 

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