Faith Connexion Presents Gender Fluid Las Vegas Inspired Collection This Spring/Summer 2021

Think Marie-Antoinette and Hugh Hefner’s Las Vegas mixed with a characteristic Faith Connexion look.

Faith Connexion’ spring/summer 2021 collection made its way down the runway this morning with a gender fluid collection created in part by newly appointed co-creative directors, Alexandre Bertrand and Myriam Bensaid. The brand has decided to open their platform to young talent with means to advance the label and bring new ideas into the fashion world. 

The collection is centered around “optimism and the fighting spirit,” which is captured through Faith Connexion’s bold characteristic patterns and a subtle nod to the Las Vegas cowboy. Added into the mix are items that don’t exactly fit into a single category, such as spunky lace leggings, a leopard printed robe, and chunky books. It’s Faith Connexion’s vision to recreate something that can’t be put into any sort of box, while still remaining true to the Las Vegas cliche. 

According to a press release, “if one cannot envision that the leopard printed pajama ensemble, all in silk, is a nod to Hefner, it truly is a reference to Myriam Bensaid’s Moroccan culture and to her great-grand mother’s fanciful wardrobe, who was endearingly referred to as “Keith Richards” by the whole family.” Mixing cultures seamlessly is a big part of the new creators’ current endeavor. 

Take a look at the collection for yourself below:

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