Faith Connexion Says Gender Fluid is the Future of Fashion in New Spring/Summer 2021 Collection

The brand introduced two new up and coming co-creative directors to the team.

We can all agree that fashion is at an all time high. Gone are the traditional runway shows and conventional design methods that characterized the burgeoning fashion world, and in came the world of Gen Z and it’s digitally subversive culture ready and willing to redefine the world of fashion as we know it. 

For this reason and for many more, Faith Connexion has not only introduced a new collection, but also two new co-creative directors, Alexandre Bertrand and Myriam Bensaid. The focus for this new team of creators has been to produce a collection that “revolves around the idea of optimism and the fighting spirit.” 

The collection features 15 new looks envisioning a “Marie-Antoinette wandering in a Hugh Hefner’s Las Vegas” kind of style with room for fluidity. Models wear leopard printed robes and loose fitting fabrics that not only strategically highlight parts of the body’s silhouette, but also invite comfort and versatility. Items such as a crystal fringed denim jacket and a leopard printed pajama ensemble not only reflect Gen Z’s experimentative spirit, but also manages to stay true to the characteristic dawn to dusk style that Faith Connexion is founded on. 

“The idea of twisting the obvious, staying away from being literal is the essence of the collection as a whole,” stated the brand via a press release. 

You can check out some of the looks from the collection below: 

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