Fake Lashes That Look Insanely Real

Keep your eye on the prize with these natural looking false eyelashes.

Everyone knows that the best way to add some drama to a makeup look is to stick on a big pair of false eyelashes.

But what if you don’t want a dramatic look? Luckily, there are some fake lashes that are prefect for more toned-down day, where you just want some extra length and thickness. For those days, we’ve rounded-up the best, most natural looking fake eyelashes on the market.

Loveseen Luca Lashes

Image via Loveseen.

These are the ultimate false lashes for a natural look. With an eye-opening curl, a clear band, and two color options, these lashes truly blend seamlessly into your real ones for a perfectly elevated look. Buy here for $18.50.

Huda Beauty Easy Lash Collection in Harmony

Image via Huda Beauty.

These easy-to-use lashes are perfect for beginners, and provide maximum fluff and volume while still keeping your look natural. You can cut them into sections to further customize the look. Buy here for $18.

MAC Lash 30 РArtiste Lash 

Image via MAC.

This set of 54 lashes comes in three varying lengths, so you can customize your perfect natural eye look. Buy here for $15.

Tarte Tarteist Pro Cruelty-Free Lashes in Heartbreaker

Image via Sephora.

These lashes are ultra-comfortable for all-day wear, while giving you wispy, fluttery lashes. Buy here for $12.

Ardell Naked Lash #421

Image via Ulta.

These lashes give subtle enough volume and length for everyday wear. Plus, the price is unbeatable. Buy here for $12.99

Velour Lashes Effortless – No Trim – Natural Lash Collection in Short & Sweet

Image via Sephora.

With a natural length and volume, these lashes open up the eyes to give you a doe-eyed look. Buy here for $26.

Too Faced Better Than Sex Faux Mink Falsie Lashes in Natural Flirt

Image via Too Faced.

These lashes have a cult following for a reason: with vegan and cruelty-free faux mink, they add a flirty, weightless touch to your look. Buy here for $17.

Eylure Faux Pro D-Curl Luxe Lash Extension Kit

Image via Target.

These individual lashes give both volume and an unbeatable curl. Bonus: they couldn’t be easier to apply. Buy here for $24.99.

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