Fana Hues Shines with Breezy New Single ‘Drive’

The track is the lead song from the Mike Dean-produced compilation album ‘SEE YOU NEXT YEAR’

Off the back of her sophomore album flora + fana—a delightful journey of self exploration and growth—R&B songstress Fana Hues is back with an equally as dynamic new single ‘Drive.’ The single is the first track off of Pigeon & Planes’ SEE YOU NEXT YEAR, a compilation album executive produced by multi-Grammy award-winning Mike Dean.

Hues’ signature honey-like vocals are on display throughout the lead track, with a feel-good chorus that will have listeners humming all Summer long: ‘Forty-five on the east side/Something ’bout them curves ease my mind/Sunset sugar, ooh that’s my delight/For the night.’

Creatively, Hues looked inward, focusing on letting loose during the songwriting process. That free-spirited energy translates throughout the song as Hues nostalgia-tinged vocals merge seamlessly with the breezy, West Coast production.

“The creative process for ‘Drive’ was a well-needed relief for me,” Hues tells V exclusively. “I wanted to make a feel-good song that allowed me to have fun and be carefree. Drive came from that demand in my life.” Listen, below!

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