Fantasy Meets Fashion in Lanvin’s Spring Collection

Lanvin’s Pre-Spring 2021 Collection

Walking through the historic Le Palais Idéal, models wearing turban hats and foulards presented Lanvin’s spring 2021 collection. 

It is this palace’s essence that designer Bruno Sialelli, Lanvin’s creative director, wished to capture in his upcoming collection. Sialelli predominantly took inspiration from French artist Erté who is celebrated for capturing the look and style of the 1920s.

Sialelli’s passion for the past is the result of being stuck indoors due to the coronavirus pandemic. Often daydreaming indoors, Sialelli eventually found refuge in movies and the nostalgic escape they offer. Soon enough, Lanvin’s spring 2021 collection was born out of this desire for escape and adventure.

A homage to the 1920s, Sialelli’s collection includes foulards, blouses and suiting colored with iconic sun-bleached neutrals and pastels. Classically designed gloves, earrings, sunglasses and hats also reference the glamour of the 1920s. In addition to these echoes of the past, buttons included in the spring collection were rounded to reflect a Lanvin perfume bottle curated in 1927. 

Working at the intersection between fantasy and reality, Sialelli also wanted to challenge masculine and feminine narratives. Foulards, historically associated with feminine fashion, are found on male models in Sialelli’s collection. Designs inspired by Erté’s drawings can be found on both male and female models.

Lanvin released a short film showcasing the spring 2021 collection directed by French director Theo Stefanini. The film comes in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic which has forced many designer brands to release upcoming collections solely online. In-person Paris Fashion Week was cancelled for 2020. 

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