Farfetch and Tekla Fabrics’ New Sleepwear Collection Takes Iconic 70s Dance Performance from the Stage to the Home

Remembering Trisha Brown’s rooftop choreography of 1971 are two modern brands with a contemporary eye for the arts

New York City, 1971—Choreographer Trisha Brown brings a dozen dancers to a Soho rooftop in Roof Piece, an abstract interpretation of the game telephone. Dressed in striking red, each participant moves with an instinctive imitation of the dancer before, backed by the city skyline.

New York City, 2022—Trisha Brown’s iconic piece is reimaged on TikTok by model and actress Lily McMenamy, guided by Trisha Brown Dance Company’s Movement Director Jaime Scott.

Transcending time, these artistic works have caught the eye of Farfetch and Tekla Fabrics, who are translating the piece to a different medium in new Tekla Red Collection, a contemporary take on the inspiring performance featuring a selection of limited bespoke sleepwear sets in the same fiery red seen on Trisha’s dancers. Embroidered with a commemorative note, the 25 sets are available exclusively on the Farfetch, along with a reimagined poster from the announcement of the original Roof Piece.

Speaking on their collaborative initiative BEAT, the luxury brand notes their carefully chosen partner with adoration. “We have been fans of Tekla Fabrics for a very long time and are delighted to launch this special limited edition together as part of our BEAT series,” says Ronojoy Dam, Farfetch Global Director of Brand & Culture. “Each BEAT release has been informed by very organic conversations and we’re honored that this one brings the influence and inspiration of Trisha Brown Dance Company into a new environment and context with Tekla.”

The Tekla Red Collection, made up of unisex sleepwear and bedding, can now be shopped exclusively online. With this announcement, Tekla is proud to announce an extended offering of classic popline sleepwear and percale sheets, taking from the same red hues of the 1971 performance.

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