Fashion in Film Festival comes to Miami

You don’t want to miss this opportunity to spend an entire weekend geeking out over fashion in cinema.

This year, The Miami Dade College and Miami Design District will be collaborating with the University of Arts London, Fashion in Film Festival. The acclaimed Central Saint Martins event, that began in 2006, will be showcased at the 36th edition of the Miami Film Festival.

Set during the last weekend of the festival (March 8th-10th), the London festival curated by art historian Marketa Uhlirova will be held Miami’s most creative hotspots that boasts an array of shops, restaurants, fashion, design, and architecture. “Cinema at its best takes us to places of wonder, and for our next edition Miami Film Festival will take cinema to a new place of wonder: the Miami Design District, one of Miami’s coolest neighborhoods,” said Jaie Laplante, the executive director of Miami Film Festival.

Screenings of old and seemingly forgotten films, introductions to new ones, talks, panel discussions, and performances that intersect fashion and film will consist of the three-day special. All Fashion in Film events are scheduled to be held at Nite Owl Theater and in Paradise Plaza.

The reason behind this latest partnership is due to the relationship between clothing and film. The imagery and cinematography aspects of films are all intertwined with how the characters are depicted, or rather, dressed. Think costumes, clothing that promotes an underlying theme, or clothing that insinuates a character’s motives or status. It is not superficial to focus largely on what actors are wearing because as with any art form, everything is intentional- down to the shoes.

“Looking at the entire history of cinema it is evident that fashion and dress have been among major concerns for filmmakers and artists working in the medium of moving image,” explains Uhlirova. “There has been great interest in the rituals of dressing, undressing, and posing; in self-fashioning and physical transformation; in the decadently pleasurable qualities of decorative surfaces, in the poetry and uncanny tension between the organic and the artificial body – and that of disembodied clothes that assume a life of their own.”

The lineup for the festival was announced recently and is as follows: The Art of Fashion Film with shorts by Marcus Tomlinson, Nick Knight and more; The Inferno Unseen edited by Rolo Smalcombe and Marketa Uhlirova with music from the former; Underground Glamour by Jose Rodríguez-Soltero and Ron Rice; The Enigma of Fashion “early films” introduced by Marketa Uhlirova; Short choreographed films Mine by Iris Van-Herpen x Russell Malliphant x Warren du Preez and Nick Thornton-Jones; Fantastic Spins and Hail The New Puritan; Rapsodia Satanica introduced by Eugenia Paulicelli.

Tickets are available on the Miami Film Festival website.

‘Alexander McQueen AW13’ by John Maybury, courtesy Daniel Goddard
‘Black’ Isaac Lock, courtesy Somesuch
‘Chumlum’ Ron Rice, courtesy The Film-Makers’ Cooperative
‘Divinas’ Vitoria de Melo Franco, courtesy of the filmmaker
‘Electric Jungle’ Mat Maitland for Kenzo, courtesy Big Active
‘Fantastic Spins – The Open Upright Spin’ Lernert and Sander, courtesy of the filmmakers
‘Mine’ Tell No One, courtesy of NOWNESS
‘Sonia Delaunay Keller Dorian Film’ courtesy of Archives Francaises du Film, CNC
‘Sound of Cos’ Lernert and Sander, courtesy of the filmmakers
‘The Dress’ by Barnaby Roper, courtesy of Cadence Image
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