Fashion’s New Wave Ecosystem Explored In Desigual’s Spring Summer 2023 Collection

In times of change, Desigual explores a global paradigm shift prompting new themes, new designs and new faces

Amid the global paradigm shift concerning fashion, media, and everything in between, there is no better time to zero in on self-expression than this moment. On that note, we present Desigual’s latest campaign, “New World. New Desigual,” a campaign that aims to connect with the brand’s free spirit in a new and powerful way. In a series of images accompanied by powerful messages representing and communicating the paradigm shift we live through, guests can observe the house’s attempt at new-wave elegance through this Spring Summer 2023 Collection.

Here fashion’s new wave ecosystem is explored and proves to be a force to be reckoned with. In this, we see a collection for Spring-Summer where the brand’s passion for prints and color persists, with versatile garments that can be worn 24/7, more contemporary shapes, sustainable materials, and innovative, high-quality fabrics. Here, Desigual proposes a new way of understanding prominence, where traditional codes are replaced by new fashion concepts based on iconic garments with powerful personalities. This can be found in the new collection’s dresses, which feature refreshed shapes, vibrant colors, and
prints that won’t fail to impress. What is elegance if not a matter of attitude?

Filled with boundless energy, Desigual’s talents expand on a new social paradigm through self-expression and empowerment by wearing bold garments without fear of experimenting, playing, and tinkering. A new range of wardrobe essentials, such as 90s-inspired loose-fit jeans that explore rips, rhinestones, and trucker jackets in a unique assortment of plain colors. Looking towards fresh new leaders for the future, the collection’s debut features the fresh faces of Louise Roberts, Maty Fall Diba, and Michelle Laff.

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