Fear of God Shows No Fear of Forever

With their latest release, the LA-based brand focuses on pieces made to transcend time and place — ultimately, fashion that lives eternally.

Known for their timeless silhouettes and luxurious craftsmanship, Fear of God is no stranger to creating pieces that help bridge the gap between the fashion of today and the fashion of the future. Their latest collection, aptly named The Eternal Collection, delivers garments built to last even the most vicious and accelerated of trend cycles. With an emphasis on quality, craftsmanship and most importantly, variety in hues and styles, the collection embodies what it means for a piece to be everlasting. 

Whether it be in the structured take on sculptural sweatsuits, offered in dark grays and muted beiges, complete with a complementary track jacket and 3D embossed details carefully showing the Eternal logo, or the luxurious 14 and 7 gauge merino stitch cashmere knits, peeking out from under, the collection exudes ageless elegance. 

Crafted from materials such as calfskin napa leather and Japanese denim constructed in the brand’s hometown of Los Angeles, pieces help pay homage to Americana, exploring the past and reimagining it for a timeless, decade-transcending collection. 

The Eternal Collection will be released over the course of two months with the first delivery available exclusively on Fearofgod.com on Dec. 7 and globally on Dec. 9. The release concludes on Jan. 11 with the drop of Italian made tailoring and knits. 


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