With high-end brands releasing collections constantly—maybe five, six times a year on average—it’s refreshing to see a brand go against the seasonal schedule and release on their own time. Mosaert, the creative label and anagram of artist Stromae, does just that, releasing only one collection per year.

Photography by Antoine Melis | Courtesy of Mosaert

Their newest collection, Capsule 8, just hit the market, and its versatile and comfy lineup will make everybody feel good in their own skin. With nude colors, blemishes, texture, and a tight yet flexible feel similar to a second skin, Capsule 8 is inspired by self-acceptance—in particular, finding beauty in what many consider our skin’s imperfections.

“I was very inspired by freckles and beauty spots when creating this collection,” shared Creative Director Coralie Barbier. “For me, it echoed pointillism and the whole trend of abstract art. I wanted to combine the two to highlight the beauty of what some consider flaws or imperfections.”

Photography by Antoine Melis | Courtesy of Mosaert

The collection is composed of 34 pieces, including a range of skin-tight cycling shorts, leggings, and singlets in a soft and light material. Aside from the two nude-color options, a third baby-blue, purple, and a tinge of brown alternative gives the collection a vibrant pop.

Photography by Antoine Melis | Courtesy of Mosaert

An oversized down jacket and quilted pants set, or a sweatshirt with detachable sleeves and shorts set provide more roomy and cozy options for those who don’t want that skin-tight look. Accessories include bucket hats, socks, bum bags, and a recycled polyester scarf.

Capsule 8 is now available on store.mosaert.com.

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