FENDI and The Juilliard School Launches FENDI Vanguard Award

The luxury fashion house and the prestigious performing arts school are celebrating emerging artists

Wait… FENDI and The Juilliard School? Yes, you heard it correctly: FENDI and The Juilliard School teamed up and launched the FENDI Vanguard Award to highlight artistic talents in different disciplines. 

Nominees for the award were chosen from among Juilliard students about to begin their final year of study in a Bachelor, Master, or advanced Diploma program. Recipients are selected through a nomination process by divisional leadership and faculty.

Cyrie Topete – Dance

Composed of the next generation of ground-breaking performers, creators, and entertainers, the Juilliard FENDI Vanguards represent the highest aspirations. Dancer Cyrie Topete, actress Morgan Scott, musicians William Leathers and Adam Phan have been selected from Juilliard’s exceptionally talented student body to receive this honor, each of whom pushes boundaries and revolutionizes dance, drama, and music. 


“Everyone who was chosen for this is in one way or another destined for greatness, I think it’s all about striving for excellence rather than perfection,” said FENDI Vanguard Music student William Leathers.

Morgan Scott – Drama

Back in January 2021, FENDI worked with Juilliard to present FENDI Renaissance – Anima Mundi, the livestreaming FENDI series, across the world. In New York, student musicians at Juilliard performed at The Appel Room at Jazz at Lincoln Center. In the spirit of supporting creativity at every level, the Roman Maison also starts a donation program with Juilliard towards student scholarships.

William Leathers – Music, Trumpet

“Following the collaboration for the Anima Mundi series which brought a celebration of the arts through the student’s performance, FENDI is proud to give an opportunity to students to further explore their craft and bring their talents into the world with the support of both FENDI and The Juilliard School,” said FENDI Chairman and CEO, Serge Brunschwig.

Adam Phan – Music, Harp

 In addition to the awards, Juilliard hosted a virtual Entrepreneurship Symposium with FENDI on Wednesday, July 21, to offer attendees the opportunity to participate in cross-industry conversations with Juilliard alumni and leaders from FENDI, who shared their knowledge and offer real-world examples of how a global perspective and entrepreneurial spirit are tied to creative success.


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