FENDI has answered our fashion prayers and given us the opportunity to build our dream FENDI bag. The project, ‘Make Up Your Peekaboo’, allows customers the ability to select from more than 200 possible combinations to create a bespoke bag that they will cherish forever.

New statement charms, straps, and handles that match the iconic FENDI style are introduced with this line to elevate the experience to couture-feeling customization status. Silks and fur trimmings add a special eye-catching flair to every bag. Classic materials like leather and raffia are also expanded upon as the spring/summer season is in full effect. Adjustable straps and removable handles also allow for increased functionality as you can switch styles for different occasions, truly crafting this bag around your lifestyle.

Make Up Your Peekaboo is now available in selected FENDI boutiques worldwide and on fendi.com.

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