Fendi Couture Exhibit, The Dawn of Romanity, Opens in Rome

“The Dawn of Romanity” is now open in Rome.

On July 4th, Fendi paid homage to both the city of Rome and the late Karl Lagerfeld on the Colle Palatino at the Temple of Venus and Rome. Rome is the home of the Italian fashion houses’ headquarters, so it made the perfect spot to open an exhibition titled “The Dawn Of Romanity”, showcasing the recent collection. The exhibition is being displayed on the first floor at Palazzo della Cività Italiana in Rome, and is now open to the public. It will be open from now until July 14th from 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM, with no reservation needed to see the collection up-close. 

Fendi artisans from Rome, Florence and Porto San Giorgio showcase their processes in stations throughout the exhibition, displaying the creative techniques behind the handbags, shoes, details and silhouettes, providing visitors with a closer look into the details within each piece. Another section of the exhibition showcases the final pieces of the one-of-a-kind designs from the FW19 couture collection. The minimalist architecture and interior design of the exhibition make for a simplistic backdrop for the pieces, offering a closer look into the couture pieces that walked the runway. 

Check out images from “The Dawn Of Romanity” exhibition below. 

The Dawn of Romanity The Dawn of Romanity

The Dawn of Romanity

The Dawn of Romanity The Dawn of Romanity

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