FENDI Exudes The Roaring ‘20s With Their Fall/Winter 2022-23 Collection 

Old-fashioned classics meet contemporary trends. 

Mixing old world elegance with the Roaring ‘20s, FENDI presents their Fall/Winter 2022-23 collection as a “treasure trove of future heirlooms” filled with plaid, patent leather and of course, the FENDI motif. It’s a gentleman’s closet featuring old-fashioned classics—tailored pinstripe suits and pilot jackets–but modernized to elevate current trends. Most of all, the collection embodies the Gatsby look that even F. Scott Fitzgerald would be envious of. 

Courtesy of FENDI

Last year’s Fall/Winter collection primarily consisted of bright colors and jacquard fabric. But for their latest collection, FENDI Creative Director Silvia Venturini Fendi uses shades of cream, burgundy, mocha and black to maintain an understated and suave tone. The neutral color palette allows for playful textures, graphics and fabrics to stand out, including timeless tweeds, silk materials and houndstooth patterns. All of which compliment the collection’s timeless take on popular ‘20s formal and casual wear.

Adding to its sophisticated vibe, cropped double-breasted jackets, super high-waist formal trousers, and tailcoats “celebrate the art of dressing up” with subversive silhouettes and wristwatch straps. The tailoring itself is soft yet defined, and combines suiting, knitwear and leather into one garment. In the collection’s blazers, cape-like and keyhole knit features were seen and paired with wide-legged dress pants and the FENDI emblem. Although the entire formal wear reflected FENDI’s craftsmanship, the true showstopper of the collection was the outerwear. Containing O’Lock shearling (The FENDI logo with an oval shape.), complex intarsia shearling and smooth leather trims, the outwear showcased what FENDI has long been recognized for: luxury. 

Courtesy of FENDI
Courtesy of FENDI

Adorned on top of suits and coats are pearl details, shearling floral brooches, pearl O’Lock chokers and crystal FF pendants were a simple yet opulent accessories that went outside the collection’s minimalist theme. Other accessories seen on the runway include nostalgic footwear and shopper-sized bags, such as FENDI’s Peekaboo bag. An icon of the house, the bag is “pared back in its most architectural form to date” with a larger structure, and is made in a solid grain leather and the season’s Vichy check wool, named Peekaboo FForty8. Much smaller than the Peekaboo bag, but still remains noteworthy, is the collection’s FF-embossed miniature chain Baguette bag that, like the formal wear, is also embellished with the FENDI motif. However, the essence of Fall/Winter 22-23 is nostalgia, which the O’Lock loafers, Chelsea boots and new FENDI Match sneakers are nothing short of. 

At the show, the brand also unveiled its collaboration with LEDGER, a digital management platform for cryptocurrencies and digital assets. Turning their beloved O’Lock motif and Baguette bag design into luxury tech accessories, the hardware features an adjustable lanyard for wear and a snap hook attachment. This is a first for the house as they explore the metaverse. 

Attendance at the Milan Fashion show included Evan Mock, Mahood, Luka Sabbat, Simon Rex and other notable names in entertainment. To watch FENDI FW 22-23, view below.


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