Fendi Fall/Winter 2020

Silvia Venturini Fendi did not miss a beat.

For Milan Men’s Fashion Week, Silvia Venturini Fendi presented a collection that subtly blended gender lines with bright pops of iridescent yellow and a diverse range of fabrics, all without straying entirely from the masculine silhouette. Speaking to the free expression of the ever-evolving modern man, the Italian fashion house’s latest range boasts the idea that men’s fashion can break the status quo and still look just as sharp.

Among artistically-crafted statement pieces, the dramatic overcoats certainly drew the most eyes, arriving in three different lengths and a variety of fabrics. At each length, three-tone fur and wool designs decorated the coat and theatrically bounced behind each model with each step down the runway. Fendi suits featured accentuated lapels and found an unlikely pair with knitwear, serving a fitted-yet-comfortable look and proving that opposites really do attract. An array of bright yellow Fendi-embossed bags were the accessory of choice, but standing out among the intricate handbag designs was one that mimicked the maison’s shopping bag. 

Forging ahead for men’s fashion, Venturini Fendi did not hold back in pushing the boundaries on the traditions of men’s fashion. Below, take a look at a few images from the collection.

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