Fendi Flow is Fashion’s New Favorite Unisex Sneaker

Bold yet functional, the Fendi Flow sneaker combines sport with style.

Fendi has unveiled a new unisex sneaker on their Men’s Fall/Winter ‘20-’21 catwalk, and it is an absolute must-have.


The Fendi Flow sneaker merges high-performance with high-fashion, culminating in a sleek, vibrant and cool shoe from the Italian luxury fashion house.

“You can feel like a runner when you have the super-light sneakers that we call Fendi Flow,” said designer Silvia Venturini Fendi. 


The name draws its inspiration from the natural flow of the iconic Fendi ‘F’ that moves across the sole line, and the shoe itself is sporty and a statement, with “FLOW” emblazoned across a line of fabric on the heel.


With a modern mix of materials including suede, a see-through tech fabric, a lightweight rubber sole and neoprene back for extra comfort, Fendi Flow doesn’t sacrifice comfort and fit for fashion, but instead merges them together. Elastic laces and a diagonal zipper are not only functional for an easy slip on/slip off wear, but also provide a dash of Fendi’s unique aesthetic hand.

The shoe is available in three bold color palettes, along with full black and full white, giving the show Fendi’s iconic sophisticated allure and character. 


Shop the Fendi Flow unisex sneakers at Fendi retail boutiques or Fendi’s website now.

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