Fendi FW19 Couture Pays Homage To Rome and Lagerfeld

Respecting Karl Lagerfield’s 54-year creative directorship and the collection’s host city, Fendi FW19 focused on fur and marble print in Rome.

Palatine Hill as the venue for a Fendi show was the late Karl Lagerfeld’s idea. Once occupied by Ancient Rome, the hill acted as a node to the Roman empire, centering life within the city. Fendi has deep roots in Rome; choosing the Temple of Venus and Rome as a stage for Fendi FW19 Couture only reinforces them. Despite the grandiose setting, the clothes said more than the show’s location.

Fur and marble were the two most prominent motifs. Rather than large swaths, the fur was arranged into geometric panels, leaving transparent space in between segments to allow for ventilation. Fur was cut in vertical strips down the torso and spiraled on coats’ arms. Worked into gowns, mini-dresses and scarves, marbling incorporated a Roman footprint into this collection. Sticking with Earthly inspirations, the color palette was very neutral: many browns and dark colors, with an occasional hint of muted red or green. The garments, despite the heavy manes many of them sported, were light and airy. A few featured translucent fabric that floated behind models walking down the runway. In addition to fur as a focal point, wide bishop-sleeved dresses and empress cuts showed Lagerfeld’s larger influence on the label.

Strengthening its connections to its former chief and its origin city, Fendi FW19 Couture acts as an homage to its subjects. There were 54 looks, one for every year Karl Lagerfeld was creative director at Fendi. Since its founding in 1925, Fendi has also been a Roman maison. This collection is a tribute. Beyond elevating modern fashion, Fendi FW19 honors two great forces that have shaped the fashion house into what it is today.

Click through the slideshow below to see looks from Fendi FW19 Couture.

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