The Italian luxury brand is bringing something exciting to its latest collection with the introduction of the new C’mon! bag. 

With a crescent-like shape, the new carryall comes in a variety of sizes and colors. Made in medium, small, and nano, the color and print are dependent on what size you purchase. The Medium FENDI C’mon is constructed with a shiny smooth leather finish. Additionally, the Small FENDI C’mon is made with a less shiny calf-skin finish and the even smaller Nano FENDI C’mon is uniquely made to be a belt bag when needed.

The fashion house seems to be making an emphasis on fashionable meets functionality with the showcasing of this bag. This is evident in the versatility of the bags with how they can easily make a day-to-night transition with features like a removable leather strap that can be worn across the body or on the shoulder.

Made in beige, white, black, fuchsia, and the iconic FENDI monogram, these bags showcase the masterful design and construction of FENDI accessories, specifically leather goods. For this bag, its minimalism adds to its sophistication making it a bag perfect for any and every occasion.

The FENDI C’mon bag is now available for purchase at

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