Fendi Launches Men’s Fall Winter 2021-22 Collection

When Silvia calls, you pick up!

“Hello, it’s Silvia calling!”

Fendi is unearthing the gems for Fall Winter 2021-22. This morning, creative director Silvia Venturini injected high energy strewn with color and light that men’s fashion desperately craves. 

In a cinematic sequence by Nico Vascellari, models strutted through flickering light structures, vocals by Silvia were overlaid to an upbeat techno beat and the rest was a feast of artistic stimulation. 

The collection itself, widely diverse in theme, holds a little something for all walks of fashion. For the bold, jewel-colored pieces such as a show-stopping bright pink and emerald full looks, and equally catered to the more subdued fashion-innovator, with contrasts of multi-functional workwear silhouettes of a neutral palette with mixed fabrics, and just the right amount of typical Fendi playfulness. 

Conveniently titled, “WHAT IS NORMAL TODAY?” Venturini, like most of the world, can only wonder. 

As a whole, the collection embodies that very question… almost too perfectly. What will the world be like come Fall 2021? Will the resurrection of the roaring ‘20s be afoot, as the world steps back into the social scene adorned in daring looks to become the norm? Or will we still be called to keep a distance, and remain tempered until it’s safe? 

We may not know what the new normal might be, but Fendi comes unequivocally prepared. 


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