FENDI Presents Its New Rooftop Performance, THE FENDI POWER

It celebrates the power of self-expression with Alton Mason and his Peekaboo bag.

Radiant vibes emanate from Alton Mason as he dances freely on the vibrant rooftop of Miami’s Museum Garage for the new FENDI rooftop performance—THE FENDI POWER. The vivid performance is a tribute to fearless freedom of expression across the world and the extraordinary energy of the iconic FENDI Peekaboo bag. 

Set in a pulsive-hub dedicated to innovative art, design and architecture, Museum Garage is the world’s most unique parking garage. It serves as a colorful canvas for Alton Mason as he unleashes his inner self through radiating motions while he freely swings his FENDI Peekaboo bag.  

Following his fearless journey in both spirit and style, switching up from the sharp contours of the more formal FENDI Prefall 2020 Collection to the laidback luxury of Leisurewear, THE FENDI POWER pervades Alton as the Peekaboo fuels the bold rhythm of his sharp and elegant movements. Alton’s motions intertwine with those of Mia Kong, Chinese creative talent, taking them up to the groovy rooftop of the Museum Garage.

THE FENDI POWER links the FENDI Roman DNA and its legacy of rooftop performances at Palazzo Della Civilta Italian—encompassing everything from music to graffiti — with a global family of fearless artistry. Watch the entire performance below. The collection is available now on FENDI.com. 

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