FENTY Drops 8-19 Release Just in Time for Fall

The Bad Gal’s blend of cozy and chic is now up for grabs

Rihanna’s FENTY label continues to create waves in the fashion world with her newest 8-19 Release consisting of the maison’s latest clothing, accessories, and shoes for the upcoming change in season.

Long thought of as a common material, this release is focused around cotton jersey fabric and how the basic textile can be totally transformed to emulate a sense of sophistication. The collection explores shape and construction, juxtaposing traditionally masculine and feminine silhouettes to reveal a whole new attitude.

Double breasted blazers are oversized with cinched waists creating a fashion-forward look that is easy to wear. Tapered ankle zip pants extend past the ankle in creating an elongated form, and elsewhere wasabi toned sweatshirts reach new peaks as a perfect blend of laid back chic.


Release 8-19 additionally offers new styles for the maison, including FENTY’s first boot- the Corset boot with a T-heel. The angular shape that is signature to the house is rendered in both jersey and rubber finishes with an innovative top hook closure you’d find on a corset.

In terms of accessories, the house focused on pearls as the latest symbol of desire creating a series of jewelry pieces that flow seamlessly when worn on the body. Whether it’s wrapped around the arm or free-dangling from your ear, Rihanna is hooking you up with the coolest accessories of the season. Not to mention a new style of the iconic FENTY Centerfold glasses in jet black.

Launching exclusively online at FENTY.com in a See-Now-Wear-Now format, the Release reiterates the code of conduct at the FENTY house with collections that revolve around assertiveness, confidence, and ease of wear. With pieces that are both stylish and comfortable, Rihanna is making the transition to a fall wardrobe that much easier for us.

FENTY Release 8-19 will be available online at FENTY.com starting August 28, 2019

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