FENTY’s 6-20 Release Celebrates Irrepressible Creativity and Youth

The three-part drop series will emerge throughout the month of June.

Coming as a three-part series, FENTY’s 6-20 release is a celebration of the irrepressible creativity, hope and spirit of youth we all need in this day and age. Slated to drop throughout the month of June, the newest collection stands by the spirit and optimism of youth that will pave the way forward for all.  

In a time when the fiery fight for racial justice and global freedoms takes center stage, the release speaks to a generation that is not only creative but also rebellious and not afraid to fight for the kind of future they deserve. Taking inspiration from decades of youth aesthetics and styles that emerged during periods of steep social change, each part of the month-long release celebrates different facets of youth, all expressed through a variety of style cues.

Fusing thigh-high hems with psychedelic prints and ’90s subculture references, FENTY appeals to the diverse youth of today; baggy rave silhouettes, tie-dye prints, grunge hoodies and form-fitting asymmetric dresses are all featured throughout the collection. The 6-20 release build in color print and momentum: coming in with understated monochrome daywear in Drop 1, moving on to a rush of color, casual cuts, and slogans in Drop 2 and coming to head with climactic psychedelic prints in Drop 3.

Above all, FENTY is committed to honoring freedom, diversity, unity, and solidarity. Drop 1 will be available for purchase starting Thursday, June 11 on FENTY.com

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