BOSS announced its new brand ambassador, two-time Formula 1 World Champion Fernando Alonso. 

Courtesy of BOSS

Alonso, who is currently ranked third in the F1 standings, will wear BOSS at all official off-race track events and will be part of many future brand campaigns. The partnership didn’t come out of the blue, as BOSS is already the official fashion partner for Alonso’s Formula 1 team, Aston Martin. 

“I’ve long been a fan of BOSS and I’m thrilled to take on this new role as an ambassador within the larger scope of their sponsorship of the Aston Martin F1 Team,” says Alonso in a statement. “I look forward to working closely with the brand and representing what it means to be a true BOSS–both on and off the racetrack.”

Courtesy of BOSS

BOSS celebrated the announcement with a party on the banks of the Danube River in Budapest, Hungary. With music by internationally-acclaimed DJ Julia Bossque, the celebration aimed to capture the #RaceLikeABOSS spirit.

“Fernando Alonso is an icon on the racetrack and a great personality,” said Daniel Grieder, CEO of BOSS. “I’m beyond excited that he’ll be one of our brand ambassadors over the coming years. Fernando neatly embodies what it means to be BOSS today: he has a strong sense of will, makes the right decisions, and inspires people all around the world. He’s a perfect fit for BOSS with his spirit and his attitude.”

Courtesy of BOSS

Top stars and personalities from Budapest and beyond joined the party, dressed in BOSS, including Tímea Gelencsér, Henry Kettner, Fruzsi Viszkok, Odett Kármán, and Norbi Kamarás.

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