Maximilian Davis, creative director of Ferragamo, is taking a luxurious approach to Pre-Spring 2024, inspired by multi-generational archetypes of the Italian family and spinning such definitions on their heads. “I feel as though, in Italy, even the pieces people wear at home have a sense of luxury through the craftsmanship of their creation,” Davis says. “Here, a luxurious way of dressing is considered through an everyday elegance that I find incredibly inspiring.”

The brand’s emphasis on craftsmanship is apparent in its new collection, featuring flashes and references to past generations and styles. Combining the nipped waists of the 1940s, the glamorous accents of the 1980s, and the minimalism of the 1990s, the release avoids ephemeral trends and is instead quite timeless. The pieces not only remind their wearer of past family heirlooms but beg to become heirlooms themselves.

To emphasize the importance of heritage, Davis uses motifs from classic Ferragamo pieces. A twisted rope detail on sandals is translated from a 1956 shoe; handbag accents are drawn from an 80s Ferragamo lighter featured in a Christmas catalog; and quilted silhouettes are a nod to a 1999 runway collection. 

Based on a neutral palette of chocolate, camel, and heather gray, the collection also includes pops of warm colors like coral red and the oranges and yellows found on an orange fruit print. Fabrications include natté wool, flocked denim, recycled polyester, bonded leathers, and slippery silk satins. Together, these materials make up a collection marked by distinct silhouettes, artful darting, and subtle sequins. Davis has made sure that this launch is a perfect juxtaposition of being timeless yet timely.

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