Ferrari Makes Bold Choices At Milan Fashion Week

The Italian luxury brand looks to the future with a striking collection that features a gender-neutral approach and technological treatments

Under the creative direction of Rocco Iannone, Ferrari presents their Fall/Winter 2022-23 collection in Milan, a melding of feminine and masculine complete with daywear, eveningwear, and accessories. Held in the Pavilion 3 of Fiera Milano City, historical Italian architecture provides a striking backdrop for the collection, complete with eclectic lighting that complements the speed and experimental feel of the brand. 

“Ferrari is a system in which aesthetic research is never separated from the ethics expressed in its history and it is also the synthesis of that Italian ability to transform creativity into a project,” said Iannone. “I expressed this concept in a feminine and masculine silhouette with clean cut lines, a fusion of tailoring techniques and noble materials with technological touches.”

A look into the modern society and culture, personality is celebrated through natural materials, tailoring, and technological research. Dresses, coats, jackets, trousers, shirts, knitwear, and accessories are designed to meld the boundary between traditional gender roles, depicting sleek yet intricate designs that blur the line between masculine and feminine.

Neutrals in black, grey and beige provide the foundation for a collection spotted with bold yellows, reds, and mixed greens. Materials are sustainably sourced, with solely organic cotton and GRS-certified recycled nylon, and jackets filled with Ecodown padding made from recycled plastic bottles. Other natural fabrics used include wool, cashmere, cotton drill, silk, and leather.

Cut and sew jackets and coats don exposed stitching, with structured shoulders that complement both feminine and masculine silhouettes. Oversized daywear contradicts a leather treated little black dress, tailored trousers and silky skirts. Camo print combines with iridescent, shiny treatments that combine modern silhouettes with futuristic technology.

Accessories are carefully designed, with small bags imitating satin-finished metals and long belts that cinch the waist and provide a versatile addition to clothing selections. Gold pendants and the recognizable Prancing Hors hangs from delicate chains, and large glasses contradict streamlined designs with a bold statement.

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