Ferrari Opens New Boutique in Miami

The luxury car brand brings it fine Italian craftsmanship into lifestyle and fashion products.

Ferrari brings a new boutique to the Aventura Mall. The prestigious Miami mall houses the fourth addition to the Ferrari Boutique storefront collection. The boutique takes over 10 storefront windows, and features Ferrari’s signature terracotta and brushed aluminum colorway for the interior design elements. To make the location unique, the boutique has a Florida-only element. Photographs of 1980s and 1990s Ferraris hang on the walls of the showroom. They serve as references to Ferrari’s presence in pop culture, with a focus on Magic City: Miami Vice. It’s been in operation since April, but makes its official opening just before Miami’s F1 Grand Prix debut.

The boutique sells Ferrari’s ready-to-wear and accessories collections. Rocco Iannone, the Creative Director of the brand, designs both collections. Each year, Ferrari organizes two fashion shows. After these shows, Ferrari creates garments that emulate the runway pieces and sell them in their retail stores. Each collection is sold for the six months that follow the runway show. Products include womenswear, sportswear, and more. Other items for sale include footwear, bags, watches, and other accessories. 

This expansion into fashion and lifestyle not only allow Ferrari to add more businesses to their legacy, but are able to keep the Prancing Horse one of the world’s most recognized icons. To immerse yourself in this new chapter of the iconic car brand, check out the Ferrari Miami Boutique at the Aventura Mall. 

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