Ferrari Puts On Third Fashion Show Ever at Milan Fashion Week

The iconic sportscar brand debuted its spring-summer collection at its third-ever fashion show.

Ferrari, the world-renowned Italian race and sportscar brand, put on their third fashion show in history to debut the brand’s spring-summer 2023 collection. This slew of looks departed slightly from the fashion identity Ferrari had begun to mold with their first and second shows. This time around, Creative Director Rocco Iannone wanted to emulate the human component of Ferrari on the runway. Where the first collection was centered around the automotive world, and the second was centered around high-tech futurism; this show was stripped back to reflect the person behind a Ferrari steering wheel.

Iannone debuted the show at Teatro Lirico in Milan because of its symbolism as a place that tells the stories of humankind. Centering the entire show in a human world. As the looks walked down the runway, we saw combinations of tailoring, workwear, and racing gear to display the various souls that use and love Ferrari. Despite the various showcasing of tailoring, workwear, and racing gear, the palette of the pieces tied them all together. Monochromatic looks, vibrant repeating patterns, and fresh colored tones were streamlined features of the collection.

The silhouettes of the pieces play a little with typical masculine and feminine motifs as we see blazers paired with skirts and a leather coat that can be worn as a dress, coat, or around the waist. As the looks combined the attire of different kinds of people who use Ferrari, the materials of the collection reflect that combination. Silk, cotton, jacquard wool, jersey, and glove leather are combined and alternated throughout the season’s runway collection. All while maintaining a focus on high-quality Italian craftsmanship that is a backbone of the Ferrari brand.

In addition to the high-quality materials in the show, the looks also all used low-impact materials and treatments to champion social and environmental awareness in the fashion industry. Ferrari also worked exclusively with partners and suppliers who are certified to adhere to the major international sustainability standards. With three shows under their belt, only time will tell if Ferrari’s efforts to become as dominant in fashion as sports cars will be successful.

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