Festival Season Essential: Dirty Lemon

Festival Season Essential: Dirty Lemon

Festival Season Essential: Dirty Lemon

Get your detox on before Coachella and stay hydrated with your new health obsession.

Get your detox on before Coachella and stay hydrated with your new health obsession.

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Festival season has officially arrived with the first weekend of Coachella only a few days away. Preparing for the long, activation-filled festival can feel sudden, rushed, and honestly at some points, monotonous. But fear not. We have the exclusive scoop on exactly what you need to get ready this festival season: Dirty Lemon. The revolutionary beverage pioneer, founded in 2015, made waves as being the only brand in the world that sells its product via text message, challenging the way businesses develop relationships with its customers.

Formulated to meet the evolving taste and preference of today's detox-driven gurus, Dirty Lemon is the gamechanging wellness brand quickly establishing itself as ahead of the curve. Using chic neon bottles and three staple ingredients as the base of each flavor—lemon juice, ocean minerals, and sea salt (electrolytes)—Dirty Lemon not only satisfies thirst, but encourages the stimulation of healthy bodily functions.

Going into the busy Indio weekend, V is amping up and detoxing right with our favorite flavors below. Check out the specs below to see why you should detox with Dirty Lemon and head to their website for more information.

When should I drink this beverage?

For best results, drink in the evening after dinner. This formula is designed to help to boost the body's ability to fight oxidative stress (or free radical damage), improve energy, and support a healthy digestive system by improving elimination of toxic compounds and waste.

What are the benefits of drinking rose water?

Rose water has been used for centuries since the time of Cleopatra–it contains antioxidants including flavonoids and anthocyanins. A study published in the December 2005 edition of the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry showed that rose extract exhibited a strong ability to combat free radicals.

Our roses (Rosa damascene) are sourced from Bulgaria, widely recognized as the finest rose in the world with the most health and beauty applications–the plant contains several components such as terpenes, glycosides, flavonoids, and anthocyanins that all have beneficial effects on health.

What is trans-resveratrol?

Resveratrol is a powerful antioxidant produced by certain plants (most notably grapes, blueberries, and raspberries). The ingredient is believed to be one of the most potent polyphenols and strongest protectors against symptoms associated with aging and free radical damage. Additionally, studies have shown that resveratrol supplementation improves circulation and has beneficial effects on glucose and lipid metabolism (supporting healthy heart function).

Is it sweetened in any way?

The 'less than 1g' of sugar on our label refers to the naturally occurring sugar found in lemon juice. There is no added sugar in any of our beverages.

What is dandelion root?

Dandelion root (taraxicum officialis) is an antioxidant and gentle diuretic that helps support healthy liver function and contributes to cholesterol regulation through the reduction of lipid accumulation in the liver.

Why activated charcoal?

We use pharmaceutical-grade activated charcoal sourced from coconut shells to support the removal of toxins and heavy metals from your body. Activated charcoal has been used traditionally in hospitals as a poison control remedy due to its ability to bind to toxins in your gut without being absorbed by your body.

What does DIRTYLEMON +charcoal do for you?

In addition to activated charcoal's adsorptive power, lemon juice provides a plethora of health benefits, including packing your system with vitamin C, alkalinizing your cells, and more. The dandelion and ginger root in the beverage support a strong immune system and can help fight off colds/viruses, but especially target the health of your kidneys for filtration and liver for toxin removal, cholesterol  synthesis, hormone metabolism etc.

What effects can one expect from DIRTYLEMON +charcoal?

Since dandelion root is a mild diuretic, you can expect the elimination of excess water weight; the ginger helps to calm the stomach and soothe the digestive tract, so we recommend this formula following a meal (this also advantages activated charcoal's adsorptive potential). Overall, the formula is gentle and designed for consistent use.

Can I drink this beverage with medication?

Activated charcoal has the potential to bind to medication in your system and mitigate its effects, so we recommend a 2-hr minimum interval between taking medication and enjoying [detox].

What is matcha?

Matcha is a form of green tea grown in rural Japan in shaded areas to avoid the nutrition-leaching effects of sunlight. As a result, matcha contains a significantly higher concentration of antioxidants and nearly 10x the amount of amino acid L-Theanine as regular green tea, making it a powerful ingredient for both sustained alertness and fat-burning potential.

Why matcha?

Matcha is the most concentrated source of antioxidants (nutrients and enzymes that help prevent cell damage). Since the tea leaves are ground whole to produce matcha powder, matcha contains more antioxidants than normal green or black tea–in fact, some studies have cited its antioxidant composition to be over 100x that of green tea.

What does matcha do for you?

The combination of caffeine and L-Theanine in matcha creates a stable, focused state of energy. Additionally, the EGCG in matcha has been studied for its ability to prevent lipid accumulation in forming fat cells while also boosting the body's destruction of mature fat cells. Since matcha boosts the activity of the bod's natural fat-burning hormones, it is a compelling weight loss ingredient.

What effects can you expect from DIRTYLEMON +matcha?

Expect to feel alert, energized, and calm (matcha boosts alpha activity in the brain, creating a state of focused calm).


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