Filip Koludrovic’s new book “I Have Never Been to America” takes an unconventional route in navigating the complicated nuances of American culture.

Without even stepping foot on US soil, Koludrovic has managed to paint a holistic and inquisitive picture of American media. This book has pioneered a new field in literature, as one of the first to utilize AI technology to produce vivid and life-like imagesadopting the modern concept of AI imagery to piece together a narrative that shows deep dedication to the project and innate creativity.

The 340-page work of fictional imagery follows an 18-year-old protagonist on his 3-month journey through the United States. Each chapter is threaded together with remarkable imagery with photos distorted and reformed to form a fascinating social commentary. The artist cleverly uses this method of documentation to comment on the presence of media in today’s day and age, satirizing the concept of the “untouched image”. Koludrovic analyzes how perspective manipulates truth, blurring the lines between what is real and imagined while raising real questions about how society functions as a whole. 

The hard-hitting tale, strung together through captivating storytelling and 700 meticulously designed images, is a must-see. As an exclusive offer, hardcover copies have been created, with only 300 in existence. These limited editions act as a symbol of communitya source of solidarity among curious minds and those passionate about the arts.

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