Fiorucci Debuts their Spring/Summer 2023 Collection

Go back in time with Fiorucci’s Spring/Summer 2023 collection.

Fiorucci’s Spring/Summer 2023 collection is here and it takes us back a few decades to the retro, disco era of the seventies while still maintaining a calm feel. Focusing on a soft, pastel palette inspired by the brand’s place of heritage, Italy, Artistic Director Daniel Fletcher plays with duality throughout the collection.

Since its rebrand in 2017, the Italian house rapidly became known for its classic everyday pieces that are closet staples for both day and night looks. In this collection, the Fiorucci logo is combined with softer, subdued tones paired with bolder hues such as muted peach alongside rich teal and sage green in addition to lilac and baby blue, and ochre.

Working in collaboration with artist Nicholas Law, Fletcher created a “morning rise” theme to mimic the colors of the sunrise for a few of the pieces as the brand steps out of its comfort zone. Whilst the collection calls on a morning theme, multiple pieces are intended for night adventures.

From a mini black dress with a rhinestone neckline to graphic heart-print pieces to the upcoming balconette dress, these looks are there to take you to the disco.

Photographed in Milan by Andy Massaccesi, the collection is presented alongside classic Italian furniture from the era in which Fiorucci was founded, representing the timelessness of this collection and the pieces within it.

This collection is now available to purchase in stores and online.

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