First Look: Chanel Cruise 2021/22

Basking in the glowing hues of the desert, Chanel stages its latest resort collection in Dubai

Yesterday, the French fashion house presented its Cruise 2021/22 ready-to-wear collection in Dubai. The collection was first unveiled back in May, but at the Carrières de Lumières in the village of Les Baux-de-Provence. This time around creative director Virginie Viard presents it in a new setting, featuring draped beige fabric and projections of olive branches – echoing the atmosphere of the May show. The looks mainly consist of black and white pieces with punk, mod references. This year, the showcase was inspired by French poet Jean Cocteau’s 1960 film The Testament of Orpheus, a press release by Chanel reads. 

Cruise collections are nothing new for the brand but firmly anchored in the history and ethos of the House of Chanel. In the 1910s, Gabrielle Chanel herself wanted to offer her clients something light and comfortable suitable for their sunny vacations – and today is no different. Since 2000, these collections have become highly anticipated events. 

And while this show is not the first to debut in the United Arab Emirates, it is far from ordinary. As the world gradually opens up after over a year of lockdowns, the collection acts more than a few beautiful items of clothing but instead hints at something larger: an invitation to travel and explore. 

The collection will be available in boutiques in the Middle East starting today and November 9th for the rest of the world. 

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