Fitness Guru Chris Diaz Shares Tips to Level-up Your Fitness Regimen at Home

Work hard, switch it up, and do it often.

Affording a gym subscription is a luxury for most people, therefore finding ways to work out while at home is a cheap solution to remaining fit. Chris Diaz, a well-known marketing expert, shares some of the tips that have worked for him as he works out from home.

Chris, who runs a multiple six-figure consulting agency, the Chris Diaz Agency, was born in Miami, Florida, in 1993. After graduating from Florida International University with a degree in Business Administration, Chris worked in finance and sales in the corporate world before quitting to pursue what he truly loved – digital marketing. He invested his time and money in courses, books, and mentors to teach him the nuances of digital marketing. He founded the Chris Diaz Agency to consult for elite business, entrepreneurs, and athletes to build their brands online. In addition to being a digital marketing expert and consultant, Chris is also a fitness enthusiast. He shares his tips to improve and level up your fitness regimen at home.

Frequency – Increase the number of days you work out.

Have a regular routine – whatever your fitness goals are, you should aim to have a regular workout routine in order to see any improvements. For most people, working out for five days a week is enough, but you can choose to increase this to six or seven days a week. While you should not overdo it and injure yourself, you should aim to work out for at least an hour every day, with one rest day during the week. During this rest day, you can choose to do light exercises such as taking a brisk walk. Have a consistent routine for each day – this will make it easier to stay committed to your training schedule. 

Intensity – If the exercises feel easier on your body, increase their intensity. Increase the pace of your jogs, lift heavier weights, or even swim faster than your regular pace. Improving your fitness regimen does not come easy; you have to work for it. The workouts should challenge you; they should not be easy on your body.

Switch it up – If you were doing one type of exercise, for instance jogging, diversify your regimen by adding a new activity such as riding a bike or lifting weights.

While working out from home can be difficult at times due to lack of motivation, following these tips will make it easier for you to be consistent in your exercises and improve your fitness regimen. Switch up your workout routine – if you get to a point where your fitness routine is not as hard as it used to be, you should change it and incorporate different exercises. Use the FITT principle to switch things up and lastly, increase the length of your workouts.

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