Five Films We Wish Cardi B Was In

Cardi’s debut film appearance has us dreaming up other roles for her

Since Cardi B‘s announcement to star in film Hustlers, alongside Jennifer Lopez and Constance Wu, it dawned on us that there are a million other films we want to see her star in. Old and new. Regardless of how well Cardi B can act (which is probably Oscar-worthy), who wouldn’t want to watch 90 to 120 minutes of “okurrrrrrr’s” and other beautiful noises the rapper makes?

Hustlers is based on this article and true story involving a group of NYC strippers who scammed Wall Street men during the financial crash of 2008. They were named The Robin Hood Strippers. And while that sounds like the best film ever, patience will be a virtue as filming only started this month. In the meantime, we look at five films we wished Cardi B would have graced- either in character or as herself.

There’s always a chance of a remake.

Mean Girls

Image Courtesy of Billboard

The whole entire film structure would change. There could be no chance of Cardi B replacing a member, even Regina George. No, there would be another plastic that would be even higher up than Regina. This time, the main plastic wouldn’t be a “typical selfish, back-stabbing, slut-faced ho-bag” she would instead bring girls together and inspire them not to fight over men, even if they do look like Aaron Samuels.

Girls Trip

Image Courtesy of Revelist

If Cardi should have been part of anything prior to this, it was this film celebrating black womanhood and friendship. Apart from being a female rapper in a largely male-dominated industry, Cardi has broken records and helped set a path for young black women by being as successful and driven as she is. Plus, with a film being hilarious, image it with a touch of Cardi.

As a Disney Princess

Image courtesy of Entertainment Tonight

Cardi should be a Disney princess, we said it here first. Animated or not. She is a modern representation of a self-made, independent woman of only 26. With Disney’s lack of diversity, surely in 2019 it’s time that they included a princess from The Bronx.

Legally Blonde

Image courtesy of eNCA

Or blue? Or brunette? Or red? Pretty much any color Cardi B decides on that day. This film is the ultimate revenge story and since Cardi’s relationship with Offset changes constantly (after the cheating rumors etc) maybe it’s time she challenges him to something, say maybe like a rap battle? After she wins, she could deliver the famous line “What, like it’s hard?”


Image courtesy of E Online

PICTURE the outfits.

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