FKA Twigs Directs and Stars in Film for the 2022 International Woolmark Prize 

The singer celebrates themes of play in collaboration with the Isamu Noguchi Garden Museum. 

FKA Twigs is a performer who continues to step outside of the box. She constantly keeps fans on their toes by providing artistically driven music videos and other projects. Now, Twigs turns her attention to the world of film. In honor of the seven finalists for the International Woolmark Prize, Twigs creates Playscape

The International Woolworth Prize encourages designers to think about creating in a playful and boundary pushing way. Each designer must use wool and sustainable practices to create a collection that uses better industry practices and promotes supply chain transparency. This year’s finalists are Ahluawalia, EGONLAB, Jordan Dalah, MMUSOMAXWELL, Peter Do, RUI and Saul Nash. 

For Playscape, Twigs focuses on the creativity behind play, and takes inspiration from the mind of Isamu Noguchi. Twigs taps Noguchi’s vision of play as a creative catalyst for the founding principle of her film. It merges art, dance, fashion and music into one cohesive project. The film takes viewers into an empty gallery filled with Noguchi’s sculptures. The gallery begins to populate with a diverse cast of characters. The characters travel into an imaginary landscape, where they find freedom in ballet. The ballet takes motifs from hip-hop, punk, modernism, and contemporary dance to create a new look to the graceful form. Iconic creatives, such as Kai-Isaiah Jamal, Kiddy Smile, and Princess Julia, make appearances throughout the film. 

Playscape is directed by and stars Twigs, creative directed by Zak Group, and choreographed by Juliano Nunes. Each character in the film wears pieces from the final International Woolmark Prize collection. “It is an honor to be chosen by the Woolmark Prize to work with such talented designers and to create my first piece of work with Juliano Nunes, innovator of dance for the Avant Garden collective,” said Twigs. 

On April 26, the winner of the International Woolmark Prize 2022 are announced. Until then, Playscape gives viewers a look into not only the playful mind of one of this generation’s most avant garde musicians, but the minds of this generation’s designers to watch.

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