Fleet Foxes Drop Video For “Can I Believe You”

“Can I believe you when you say I’m good?”

The two characters in Fleet Foxes’ elegant video enter a world filled with warm light. They dance and struggle towards each other, never quite breaking the touch barrier. “Can I Believe You” is a true blue indie jam, a twangy voice crooning over acoustic instruments. As his dancer twists and sways, frontman Robin Pecknold asks, “Can I believe you when you say I’m good?”

“This song draws from the age-old folk tradition of headbangers about trust issues. The verse is the chorus, the chorus is a bridge, the bridge is a different song, it’s all backwards but that was what made it so fun to make,” he explained.

“Can I Believe You” comes off of Fleet Foxes’ last album, “Shore,” a surprise release on the Autumnal Equinox. The band began working on “Shore” before COVID craziness hit full stride, so it doesn’t quite make the cutoff for the new and rapidly expanding genre of “quarantine music.” Still, a classic indie record is a welcome delight during a time of rapid change. There is something resolutely familiar about the sound Fleet Foxes so masterfully capture.

Sean Pecknold, director of the “Can I Believe You” video, said “With this film, I created an interpretation of what trust (or the uncertainty of it) feels like as two characters journey towards one another through a pulsating world. This film also reflects the frustration and lack of human connection brought to all of us during the pandemic of 2020.”

Fleet Foxes announced today that they will be presenting outdoor screenings of a film, also titled “Shore,” accompanying their new album. Billed as a “16 mm road movie,” screenings will take place in Portland, LA, Brooklyn, Austin, Seattle and Chicago beginning on October 18. Tickets for the events go live Thursday, October 8 at 10AM local time.

Watch the new video for “Can I Believe You” below.

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