FLETCHER breaks free in new music video for her latest single, “Healing”

In stunning new visuals co-directed by FLETCHER and Ava Rikki, the rising artist enters a new era.

Your next summer anthem has arrived and it may not be what you’d expect but it’s definitely what you need to wrap up this season. Between Dua Lipa levitating on the dance floor and Olivia Rodrigo sarcastically wishing her ex well, FLETCHER delivers the next track for your latest playlist, “Healing”. The theme for the final month of hot girl summer? Self love. 

The harmony-heavy single pairs perfectly with her freshly dropped music video, out today. Equal parts allegorical and visually compelling, the singer-songwriter is captured, quite literally, trapped in a box. Stretching, reaching, grasping upwards, FLETCHER unapologetically sings, “I can’t erase all the things that I’ve done, but all the mistakes made me who I’ve become”. A simplistic trap beat backgrounds FLETCHER’s airy light vocals as she declares herself on the journey of self love and recovery, unlearning false self perceptions and entering the next phase of a glow-up journey. “Healing” comes as a fitting follow-up to her über-successful EP, THE S(EX) TAPES, which earned her critical acclaim for her introspective songwriting and the untangling of the sometimes messy, always confusing emotions intertwined with every romantic breakup. The self declared “heartbreak bitch” admits she took a turn for her latest single, focusing on the internal rather than the external in order to begin her next chapter.

“The song is just really representative of the period of my life that I’ve been in, finally taking accountability and looking at the things that have happened. I think we’ve all been forced to actually look in the mirror over this last year and a half because we literally haven’t had fucking anything else to do other than stare at ourselves and be like, ‘Hey, do I like myself?’”, laughs FLETCHER. “I’ve been taking inventory and seeing what’s here and what needs healing because the reality is that we all need some healing of that little inner child.”


FLETCHER isn’t just a popstar but an artist and this music video is her testimony. Teaming up with a “babe gang of really badass women”, the rising songstress involved herself in all parts of production, from visual conception to the editing room floor, to deliver the type of representation she says she needed growing up queer in a Catholic family, feeling alienated from expressing her truest self. Each detail—down to the millisecond—was hand selected by FLETCHER herself to etch out the exact visual she needed to illustrate her journey. 

“I’m probably so annoying for people because I’m so anal about it. I care so much but I also feel so fucking lucky to be even able to have a platform of people that give a fuck to watch the things that I make,” she explains. “I think that’s where my perfectionism comes from—a pure place of both appreciation and humility and just being stoked about what I get to do.”


Watch FLETCHER’s latest music video for new single, “Healing”, out now.

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