Flowerovlove Loves to Love

The singer-songwriter celebrates love–and the various forms it comes in–with her latest single.

If the original meaning of Valentine’s Day has been warped into a commercial hysteria of Hallmark cards and candy hearts, flowerovlove reminds us of the importance of universal love with her latest single “Love You.” 

In her first track of 2023, the 17-year-old vocalist offers spellbinding vocals woven into a lush and textured soundscape, resulting in the most genuine of displays of love. The rising star wrote the song with her brother and chose to release it close to the holiday, in honor of its amorous theme. But it’s important to remember, this isn’t your traditional love song; it transcends the confines of a romantic relationship.  

“The song is about universal love, all inclusive love,” explains flowerovlove. “This is a love song that can be sung about anyone – your mum, your dog, your best friend or even your grandmother. I want everyone to feel nostalgia from ‘Love You’ and to be able to connect it to a loved one.” 

“Love You” follows up flowerovlove’s recent EP, A Mosh Pit in the Clouds, which showcased the rising star’s versatility as an artist. Her ability to float between pop-punk vocals and emotional ballads, promises nothing but stardom for the teenage singer-songwriter, who has been named an Artist to Watch for 2023 by VEVO and Amazon Music. 

flowerovlove, whose music is known for its sunshine-esque warmth and nostalgia, will be taking this feeling of home on the road with her this year. From headline shows in Paris later this month to a summer of festivals across Europe, the artist will continue to spread her music around the world, undoubtedly growing her already-devoted fan base. 

If you want more of flowerovlove, look no further. Check out her Valentine’s Day playlist on Spotify, a Valentine specifically sent to V. 

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